My article in Bronte Studies

My article in Bronte Studies
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Friday 12 March 2021

William Smith Williams, Charlotte Bronte and Kensington

William Smith Williams' family moved to 3 Campden Hill Terrace (now 98 Campden Hill Road), Kensington in 1844. Critic, George Henry Lewes, was their neighbour and a friendship grew between the two families and that of Thornton Hunt, the son of the writer, Leigh Hunt. Lewes would later become the long term partner of George Eliot. The writer, Julia Kavanagh, lodged with the Williams at the house on Campden Hill. I explore more about William's relationships with Lewes, Hunt and Kavanagh in my book.

In July 1848, Charlotte and Anne Bronte visited the Williams family at Campden Hill. Charlotte writes:

[We] then went home with Mr Williams to tea - a saw his comparatively humble but neat residence and his fine family of eight children - his wife was ill. A daughter of Leigh Hunts’ was there - she sung some little Italian airs which she had picked up amongst the peasantry in Tuscany.